Great music – with more Bite!

Copper SharkBringing you the best of the best of 70s Classic Rock, The Bite is going to blow your mind.

If you think you’ve heard everything a power trio can do, you are simply going to have to think again.

Fed up with the same 30 songs that all rock covers bands play? Then, this is the band for you. Expect the unexpected, but revel in the music that made an era. There is no other band like The Bite.

We all know that looks can be deceiving, but your ears never lie. The Bite will take you out into a universe of great harmonies, great rhythms and great counterpoint, which brings you to – put simply – great music.

Whether in a pub, a club, a corporate event or a private party, once The Bite sinks its teeth into a gig, it leaves one helluvva mark.

2 thoughts on “Great music – with more Bite!”

  1. Derek Couzins said:

    Hi, my names is Derek, I saw you at the Rose and Crown in Sandhurst ( there was not many people there – I was the guy from Swindon, you treated us to some Alex Harvey and Led Zep amongst others). I have given your details to the pub in Swindon Old Town called The Victoria and sung your praises). If you do get to play there I will definitely come and will visit a venue or two in your upcoming gigs. Cheers Derek

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